Hamshini and Dhileep - Engagament Shoot

Hamshini wanted to include her love of books, outdoors and whimsy in to one shoot.   So the idea of using a tree as a reading lounge came up, and we had to use some balloons and tandem bikes --- you can't have a whimsical shoot without those.  

By the time we got to high park to use that tree the sun had set and I had to use my flash to simulate the sun, I think it worked out great!   The next day was perfect, with the beautiful sunshine; and of course balloons and tandem bikes! 

Vik and Pearl - Tobermory Engagement Shoot

What are gorgeous trip this was.  Vik and I used to work together a long time ago at TELUS.  I went my way in to photography but we always kept in touch.  He told me earlier on in the year that he will be getting married in May, and would love for me to be there for his wedding day. Unfortunately I was already booked but suggested doing a cool engagement session instead.  So we went up to this beautiful place in Tobermory called E-Terra, and hung out for two days taking awesome images.  

Michele and Godfrey - Wedding Highlights

Here is a quick glimpse in the the beautiful wedding of Michele and Godfrey; These two looked gorgeous on their wedding day and were afraid to show their emotions throughout the day... it was so beautiful to see the super long veil glide behind Michele's entrance and to see Godfrey's reactions as they exchanges their vows.

Nisha and Manveen - Sikh and Hindu Weddings

Wow --- I know on this day both Manveen and Nisha stayed up for over 24 hours, as their double ceremony and reception took over 18 hours to cover on a single day! But what a single day it was, with a quick Sikh ceremony to start things off then off to the Hindu wedding we went, then the gang and us ended up at a park -- I ended up meeting "hubby" (you know who you are ;) ) and had a little boy from the nearby school pose the bridal party. Nisha went to get her make up and hair done AGAIN, and get into a gorgeous white dress, and the party went on from there! 

Nisha and Manveen, thank you for trusting me and my team, with your wedding, with no videographer and just us to document the whole day for you -- I hope we did you guys justice :D