Art Business and Creativity with Siva Haran - Dec 6-8th 2017


I spent most of my life teaching and learning, mentoring and being mentored.  I truly believe that the reason for my success today is because of the great teachers I had around me.    

The workshop is for 8 photographers taking on 3 full days of intense learning and changing the way they see photography as a business.   After 5 years of testing, training and finessing the contents of the workshop, I truly believe it is now worthy of sharing. 

I'll be giving it all I got, and teach you everything I learned along the way as I built my business from day one.   You will learn about the challenges I faced, and how I overcame them.  You should already know that the secret to success is hard work, but if you don't know what to work on, and which way to go, then you will be left behind in an ever changing industry.  Let me show you the secret to success, and a shortcut to the top. 


All profit made from the workshop will be used to fund community awareness projects by my foundation, and help those who need it the most.  I will be showcasing what will be done with your money in the Fall of 2018. 

It's a Win-Win.

What attendees had to say about their experience at ABC: 

I have attended a few different workshop before, and this one is BY FAR the best. You blew my mind I don’t know how many times, and I am pretty sure a heart attack is going to feel nothing to me after this workshop. I have learnt so much in the past 4 days, it didn’t even change the way I see photography, it also defined the meaning of wedding photography to me. Thanks for putting your heart and soul into this workshop and to everyone else, and the world is going to give back to you.
— Brian S.
To all of my fellow Photographers and friends...
I want to share a few words with you all tonight about a remarkable experience that I had the privilege of being part of over the past 4 days led by Siva Haran (Divinemethod Photography). You think you got it figured out? Trust me you don’t and I guarantee you that If you take the #ABCWorkshop your perception of your work and vision will change. What you think is art will no longer matter because it is bigger than that and you will only ever know IF you take the #ABCWorkshop . Thank you Siva! What you have taught us over these past few days will remain instilled in me forever. #TheABCstoSuccess
— Vithushan T
Siva, I’ve always said this - - you are a great teacher. Thank you for the no bullshit, honest and raw workshop. I am taking away something greater than I expected. I see your goals and I believe in your mission my friend. Till next time!
— Shan A
This workshop is like a shortcut in life for me. Siva distilled his knowledge and wisdom of his life into 4 very packed days. We learned about business, photography, how to love (mentally and physically), manners and many more.

The feeling of being a sponge and absorbing every single drop of brain juice of Siva is selfishly incredible. The best part is, he wants us to take as much as we can home.

Thank you Siva for being my mentor and willing to walk with me in my journey.
— Clifton L

The Details:

Who is this for? 

This workshop is for 8 photographers who have a good grasp of the basics & and are looking to make money doing what they love.  This is not a shooting, or a lighting workshop.  This is about making you successful where it counts: as a healthy and profitable business owner who loves what they do. 

When? Where? How much? 

Will be in Pickering, Ontario at my studio from December 6th to the 8th of 2017.  Payment for the workshop is $1495 for the 3 days.  Lunch, Coffee and Snacks will be provided daily and we will go from 10am-7pm each day.  

So what's on the map? What do you have planned for us, Siva? 


Day 1. The ART of becoming a successful photographer.

How and why of becoming the photographer your client can fall in love with & building the roots of your brand around this. You will learn the concepts and psychology behind the biggest motivator in sales.  The rest of the workshop will be built on this foundation of a day.

Day 2.  The Business of Photography - Learning to make real profit.

I will be pouring into you all that I learned from my business background of coaching for service and sales.  Think of today as hiring an internal consultant for your business, to pry open, and fix all the holes you've been living with as a photographer.   Lets fire the photographer who has been meddling in business and hire a new you that can be the CEO of your profit centre. 

Things we will cover:

Brand -  Who are you and why should anyone care? 
Marketing -  how to speak the language that sells without being like every other photographer in your town.  
Pricing and profit - are you really making money or working yourself to the ground? And how you can become profitable fast.
Workflow - a great workflow saves you money, time.  Are you a rusty bucket or a well oiled machine? Learn what a well oiled machine looks like.  You will learn a full out business manual out of the workflows both internally and externally. 
Building effective tools to understand your business via metrics (KPIs) and how you can finally have your own quarterly review with your business report card. 


Day 3.  Creative Photography that your clients will love & want. 

I will show you that its not what you sell, but how you sell that matters.  
I will show you posing concepts that allow you unlimited creativity & how you can never run out of ideas at your shoots.  
I will show you how to connect in a way that even the most awkward clients end up being awesome.  


Wow, that sounds amazing, can you just shut up and take my money?

Yes, Of course.  Just click the button below, and make your deposit. And we are good to go.