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One on One Mentoring Sessions

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One on One Mentoring Sessions

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Mentoring Sessions are similar to personal training for your photography.  You need a push in the right direction in the way you photograph.  Perhaps you need a consultant for your business practises, or someone who can bring efficiency to your current state of affairs.  These sessions are best done as skype sessions or over coffee if you are local (I prefer meeting you). Each session is 2-3 hours long, buy one session if you need a push.  But I believe the best way to improve your game is to have continued support via 4 sessions at a minimum.  We usually use the first session to set you up in the right direction, get the paradigm right.  Then over the next three sessions we change habits and build technique over time.  Since I am there with you over 4 sessions, you are kept accountable for your success. 

Here is what past students have to say: 

"Having attended Siva's workshops in the past and knowing him for sometime now made it all easy for me to approach him for mentoring. He always seemed to care at making you better. I remember our first one on one mentoring via google hangout few years back. When we were done, I sent him the money and he asked if the mentoring was worth it and why before accepting the fund. To me, that level of responsibility and belief that everyone should walk away feeling like they've got something to take away from his session meant a lot. Over time I realized I liked his work a lot no doubt, but I liked him even more as an human being!"   -Shan, Montreal, Canada

"Thanks a lot Siva for taking your time today. It was such an eye opener as it was all about mindset and prospective shift for first session. Since we have 3 more sessions after this I feel I am accountable to someone for improving my craft.  You opened new doors of possibility and I feel it’s more like reinventing yourself. It so easy to be carried away with gear and lighting but you taught me something no courses or photography books are teaching about.  Having to have someone sit next to me and walking me through a complete wedding is a game changer.  I always wanted a mentor to grow and I feel fortunate to have someone like you.  I promise you I won’t let you down, can’t wait for next mentoring session"  - Vig, Toronto, Canada