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Creative Portraiture Anywhere: Full Day Masterclass (London)


Creative Portraiture Anywhere: Full Day Masterclass (London)

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October 28 - London UK

10 AM - 8 PM

10 Hour Masterclass with Siva Haran.  See below for more details.

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Creative Portraiture Anywhere : Full Day Masterclass

As a wedding and portrait photographer, we may not always have the luxury of an incredible scene to photograph all the time.  Your ability to work in ordinary locations with bad lighting and still produce outstanding and glamorous images will set you apart from the crowd.  The workshop focuses on the approach and process of creating beautiful photographs in any location, under any lighting conditions.  

The workshop will consist of a 3 hour presentation plus 6 hours of live shooting with Siva.

What you can expect to learn from the 3 hour in class presentation:

  • Taking vs. Making Photographs - A visual journey of my growth process to illustrate what you have to do to improve your craft.

  • LMC - Light, Moment and Composition - How these three pillars affect the merit of a photograph and how you can go about learning to use each element to a) problem solve then b) to create purposefully.

  • Ordinary Places - Amazing Images - Walk you through before and afters in shitty locations, with shitty light; what I did to pull off some of my iconic photos.

What you can expect to learn from 2 practical shooting sessions (one during day time, and one during evening to night) :

  • How to study and analyze a location to see creative opportunities anywhere, anytime.

  • Using available light to your advantage.

  • When to use your tools; continuous light vs. flash, off camera flash vs. on-camera flash.

  • Working fast and light for on location portraits - How to get big impact with portable gear.

  • Shooting during the day and night.

  • A look in to Siva's tool box of creative objects.

  • fundamentals of posing for the light and location

Students are welcome to bring their cameras and off camera lighting equipment.  But its best if you were present to pay attention and learn as opposed to shooting over the shoulder.